Liability in a Single Car Accident

August 6, 2014 | Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Single car accidents can cause severe injuries and damage. These accidents usually involve a driver colliding with a tree, building, or other obstacle, sometimes at a high rate of speed. Following a one-car accident, you would likely assume that the driver is the only potential party at fault. However, the contributing causes to a single car accident are not always that simple. Often, another party’s negligence may have caused the accident though it may not be immediately apparent. Through thorough investigation, Merry Fountain, an experienced auto accident lawyer knows how to identify negligence of others to help victims of single car accidents properly recover for their injuries.

Negligence that may cause a one-car collision

The following are some examples of parties who may be negligent and cause a one-car accident:

  • The auto manufacturer—If a manufacturer sells a vehicle or a vehicle component that is defective, it puts drivers at risk for serious injuries. If tires, brakes, steering systems, or other parts suddenly malfunction, a driver can easily lose control and crash into an object.
  • Another driver—Some one-car crashes occur because a driver was simply reacting to another negligent driver on the road. If another car suddenly veers into an improper lane or fails to yield, a driver may swerve sharply in response and may crash.
  • A government entity—Cities and states have a duty to keep roads safe for all drivers. If a government entity fails to properly inspect and/or maintain roads, dangerous hazards such as potholes, uneven surfaces, or large cracks may develop and may cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Determining the exact cause of a single car accident often requires the assistance of an experienced attorney who is familiar with this type of case.

Injuries from a Single Car Collision

Passengers are often reluctant to bring a claim for their injuries because they are concerned about their relationship with the driver of the car.  However, you would actually be bringing a claim against their insurance carrier.   And, you are entitled to full and fair compensation for your injuries and any wage loss.  Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will ensure that you both are fairly compensated and that your own personal involvement in the adversarial process is minimized because your attorney is handling your personal injury action.

Normally passengers shouldn’t be assigned fault in a collision.  However, be aware that Indiana is a comparative fault state and the insurance carrier may try to find a way to assign fault to  you as a passenger.  For example, if your driver was drunk they may try to say you should not have been in the car.  Or if the driver went off the road, they may try to say you had something to do with it.  This is another reason not to give a statement to an insurance company without first consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Whether your auto accident involved a single car, two cars, or numerous cars, you should always consult with an Indianapolis auto accident attorney to see if you can potentially recover for your injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to conduct a complete investigation and use a wide variety of resources to identify any negligence that may have contributed to your accident. Attorney Merry Fountain is committed to getting every client the compensation they deserve, so call the Fountain Law Firm at 888-242-HURT for help today.

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