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The most important things to do immediately after your auto accident are to contact an Indianapolis car accident lawyer, call 911, obtain medical treatment, talk to no one except the police about what happened, and notify your own insurance company. Take photographs of the vehicles, the scene, and your injuries if you can.

Fountain Injury Law, P.C. can help you recover compensation after your accident. Our Indiana car accident lawyers are available 24/7 and offer free case evaluations. Call our local Indianapolis office (317) 917-7873 or our toll-free number (888) 242-4878. You can also detail your car accident claim by filling out our online contact form.

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Why Hire an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney?

As an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer, I, Merry Fountain, will personally provide you with a free legal consultation based on your police report. I will not delegate our consultation to someone else. I will help you deal with your car accident claim quickly and offer free legal advice during your consultation.

If I represent you, I will:

    • Personally meet with you at a time and place of your convenience
    • Make you and your personal injury settlement a priority
    • Help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation under Indiana law for your separate settlement for damage to your vehicle and any other property free of charge
    • Promptly return all of your phone calls
    • Answer your questions
    • Keep your information confidential
    • Aggressively represent you
    • Available 24/7 to take your call
    • No fees unless we win.

What Are the Main Causes of Car Accidents in Indianapolis?

When the negligence of others causes injuries in motor vehicle accidents, Indiana law entitles victims to compensation for the damages they sustain. While in many instances these cases resolve without a lawsuit, anyone hurt in an accident should retain a car attorney as soon as they can. To schedule a free case evaluation with Indianapolis car accident attorney Merry Fountain, call our office today or send us an email through our online contact form.

Although drunk driving remains a leading cause of fatal collisions, according to recent distracted driving statistics shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,450 individuals were killed by a distracted motorist in 2016. More and more people are texting and driving and multi-tasking in other ways, sometimes with fatal consequences. Drivers can exhibit many forms of negligence behind the wheel, and many common traffic violations cause serious accidents that leave victims with injuries that can damage them for weeks, months, or even the rest of their lives. Common causes of car crashes, in addition to drunk and distracted driving, include:

  • Speeding
  • Following too closely
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Running stop signs or stoplights
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failing to use headlights when required
  • Ignoring unsafe weather conditions
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Defective car parts
  • Poor road conditions

What if a Defective Product Caused My Car Accident?

In some cases, poor vehicle design, manufacture, or a failure on the part of the manufacturer to warn consumers about an easily mitigated risk result in accidents. In these instances, victims may recover compensation from the vehicle manufacturer.

How Poor Road Conditions Can Cause an Accident

Similarly, failure on the part of a private party or government agency to design safe roads or adequately maintain them can cause accidents. Hazardous road conditions that may result in negligence on the party of the person or entity responsible for the road include potholes, inadequate drainage, missing or inadequate signs, overgrown vegetation, and inadequate lighting. When these hazards result in accidents, however, the law typically gives victims much shorter time periods in which to file claims. Consequently, anyone hurt in an accident caused by a hazardous road condition should speak to an Indianapolis auto accident lawyer immediately.

Accidents resulting from unreasonably dangerous roads or vehicle defects often involve single vehicles, but people hurt in single-vehicle accidents often do not even think that someone else could have caused their crashes. For this reason, talk to a lawyer after an accident, because failing to recognize the cause of an accident within a certain amount of time could result in the inability to recover compensation for your losses. Keep in mind that because we offer free consultations, you risk nothing by reviewing the facts of your case with an attorney—but doing so could result in you obtaining significant compensation.

Who Can be Held Liable for My Accident Injuries?

In order to determine who is liable for the injuries that result from an accident, it is necessary to determine the cause of the auto accident. An experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer will know where to look to find evidence of fault, and can help victims obtain the maximum possible settlement or award for their injuries. Below are some of the more common sources of legal liability in a car accident claim or injury claim.

  • Other drivers: Negligent drivers can cause accidents in a variety of ways. Examples include speeding, failure to take adequate care in poor weather conditions, distracted driving, or failure to observe traffic signals.
  • Car manufacturers: If a car is defectively manufactured or designed and that defect causes or contributes to an accident, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be liable for any injuries that result. For example, issues such as faulty brakes or pedals that are too close together may be issues that could give rise to car manufacturer liability.
  • Trucking companies or other common carriers: Companies that are in the business of transporting goods or people may be liable for the negligent acts of their employees. Examples include trucking companies, bus lines, taxi companies, or delivery companies.
  • Car Part manufacturers: If equipment such as tires, brakes, windshield wipers, or replacement parts fail and cause an accident, the manufacturer of the faulty equipment could potentially be held liable for any damages.
  • Mechanics or automotive repair shops: Inevitably, cars will need to be repaired and equipment will need to be replaced. If a mechanic or a mechanic’s shop makes mistakes when repairing a vehicle, they may be held liable if that error results in or contributes to an accident.

What to do After a Car Crash in Indiana

If you are involved in an auto accident in Indianapolis, follow these tips:

  • Pull over immediately and check for injuries.
  • Call the police if there are any injuries or extensive damage, one of the other drivers attempts to leave the scene or you suspect other drivers involved are intoxicated.
  • Take note of the time, date, and location of the accident and any circumstances that may have caused or contributed to the accident.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses at the scene.
  • Exchange your vehicle and insurance information with other drivers at the scene.
  • Get the medical care you need and notify your own insurance company within 24 hours of the accident occurring. This is required under your policy.
  • Do not give a statement to the other person’s insurance company without first consulting with an attorney.

Fountain Law Firm Will Protect Your Legal Rights

People injured in car accidents may experience significant losses, both economic and noneconomic damages. These tend to include medical expenses, vehicle repairs, pain and suffering, lost income, and lost quality of life, just to name a few. In many instances, these losses can continue accruing for years, particularly in cases in which victims cannot return to the work they did before their accidents or if they require ongoing medical care. In accident cases involving catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, the compensation victims obtain can rise well into the millions of dollars.

Because of these potentially significant losses, car accident injury victims must do everything they can to protect their legal rights. Car accident victims can protect their legal rights in the days and weeks after an accident by:

  • Obtaining information – If you are in an accident and do not require emergency medical attention, gather as much information as you can. Exchange information with other drivers and try and collect contact information from witnesses. Take pictures of the aftermath of the accident from various angles, making sure to highlight vehicle damage and any road conditions that you believe may have contributed to the accident.
  • Seeking medical attention – Every car accident victim should undergo a thorough medical evaluation as soon as possible—even if you think that you didn’t suffer serious injuries or that they will heal on their own. Insurance companies (and courts) want to see documentation of victim losses, and a medical record describing the severity and extent of your injuries can help establish damages.
  • Keeping notes about how your injuries hurt you – Medical records are important, but so are records you keep about the way that your injuries hurt you on a daily basis. Keep notes about any pain you experience, difficulties you have performing everyday tasks, sleeplessness, or events your injuries force you to miss.
  • Call an Indianapolis car accident lawyer as soon as possible – As an accident victim, you can say and do things that can hurt your chances of recovering compensation. For example, insurance company adjusters can ask questions designed to get you to accidentally admit fault, and they can use what you post on social media as evidence that you are not as hurt as you claim. An attorney, however, will advise you as to how to conduct yourself to maximize your chances of recovering compensation (including, potentially, referring you to medical specialists) and will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. In addition, should you be accused of being at fault, your attorney will begin investigating your accident and gathering evidence that supports your position that someone else’s negligence caused the wreck.

Fountain Law Firm’s Indianapolis car accident attorneys will help you maximize your compensation, call us today, we are available 24/7. We offer free consultations, and will not charge unless we win or settle your case. 

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Should I Accept The Insurance Company’s Offer?

If an insurance company is trying to make any of the above assertions or has offered less than you need, you should never accept an offer. Once you accept any settlement from an insurer, you are giving up your rights to ever seek compensation for those injuries again. Therefore, if you later realize that your settlement does not cover future medical treatments, medical bills or other losses, you will be responsible for covering those costs yourself.

Be sure to discuss your case with an auto accident lawyer before filing your injury claim. There are several reasons why you should call an auto accident attorney before you file an insurance claim. First, it can be difficult to know the full value of your damages if you are unfamiliar with car accident cases. An attorney can look at all of your past and potential future losses to determine how much you truly deserve. Additionally, insurance companies often will not cover losses such as pain and suffering or emotional distress. If you sustained a serious injury that resulted in severe pain and trauma, an insurance claim may never be enough to cover your losses. A skilled lawyer can advise when filing a legal claim is a better course of action to protect your rights as an accident victim.

What Can be Used Against Me?

Insurance companies are constantly trying to limit liability since they are concerned about their profits like any other type of business. This means that they will find ways to limit an offer whenever possible. The following are only some ways an insurance adjuster can limit the value of your offer:

  • Claim that you were partially at fault in the collision
  • Claim your injuries are not as serious as you stated
  • Claim you did not require all of the medical treatment you received
  • Claim you did not need to miss work and lose income because of your injuries

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