Carmel Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can be terrifying. They can result in serious or fatal injuries, cause emotional disturbances, cost you your livelihood, and negatively impact your relationships with loved ones. Research shows that car accidents are the leading cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

In addition to these consequences, car accidents can also lead to financial difficulty as you struggle to pay medical expenses while other bills pile up as you are off work, trying to recover from a crash caused by someone else. You should not have to shoulder this financial burden. 

The Fountain Law Firm is here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. We are available for a free, no-obligation case review at your convenience. Call us today to get started. 

What to Do After a Car Accident

From the moment that the car accident happens, your case begins. It’s vital that you take steps to protect your health and your legal claim. Here are the crucial steps to follow after a car accident in Carmel, IN:

Get to Safety 

Move your vehicle to the nearest safe place to the accident scene to avoid any secondary crashes. Look for a safe location that is well-lit and away from busy lanes of traffic or places other vehicles may be turning. If your vehicle is inoperable, try to put up emergency flares or traffic cones and activate your hazard lights. 

Check for Injuries

Check yourself, your passengers, and the occupants in the other vehicle for injuries. If anyone is injured, mention this when you report the accident.

Call 911 

Call 911 to report the accident. If anyone is injured, the 911 operator can send an ambulance and EMTs. Once a law enforcement officer arrives, they can begin collecting information and preparing an accident report. Ask for a copy of the report once it is ready. 

If the police did not respond to the scene, you can go to the nearest Carmel police station to file a report. 

Collect Information 

The accident scene will be quickly cleaned up to avoid accidents with other motorists, so it’s important to collect as much information at the scene as possible. Start by asking the other driver for the following information: 

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Insurance information 
  • The make, model, year, and color of the vehicle
  • License plate number
  • Driver’s license number

If any witnesses stopped at the scene, also ask for their names and contact information. Take pictures of the accident scene, including close-up and wide-angle shots. 

Seek Medical Attention 

It’s not unusual to experience a surge of adrenaline at the time of the accident. This can sometimes mask symptoms of injury, such as pain. If you begin experiencing symptoms after the accident, seek prompt medical attention. 

Write a Personal Statement 

Soon after the accident, write down everything you remember about the accident while your memory is fresh. These details may be lost in the days and weeks following the accident. Try to write down the following information:

  • Location of the accident
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Weather conditions
  • All parties involved
  • What you and the other parties did immediately after the accident

Share this information with your lawyer. 

Keep Good Records

It won’t take long for you to start accumulating a lot of information and evidence regarding the accident. Keep all of this information in a safe place, such as in a file folder in your filing cabinet:

  • Accident report 
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Medical records
  • Check stubs and other records that show your lost wages
  • Car repair estimates
  • Out-of-pocket expenses you paid for related to the accident 
  • Communications from the insurance company
  • Pain journal entries

Contact a Carmel Car Accident Lawyer

A Carmel car accident lawyer can guide you through the process and handle your claim so you can focus on your recovery. 

What Are Your Options for Compensation? 

Depending on the circumstances, you may have various options for pursuing compensation for your accident-related injuries, including:

  • Filing a car accident claim against the at-fault driver
  • Filing a claim with your collision insurance coverage
  • Filing a claim with your uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage if the driver had no or insufficient insurance
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party

An experienced car accident lawyer can investigate your claim and determine all potential paths for compensation. 

How a Carmel Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Some car accident victims try to handle their claims on their own and quickly become overwhelmed. Insurance companies are seasoned at causing unnecessary delays and confusion. The Carmel personal injury lawyer , Merry Fountain at Fountain Law Firm, P.C. can handle your claim for you and do the following:

  • Investigate the accident, identify all at-fault parties, and pursue compensation on your behalf
  • Gather evidence to support your claim, such as the accident report, medical records, employment records, and photos of the accident
  • Interview witnesses and locate surveillance or traffic camera footage 
  • Hire accident reconstruction experts and other experts, as necessary, to further bolster your claim
  • Estimate the value of your claim and prepare a demand letter in Indiana asking for fair compensation 
  • Advise you of the legal options for your case
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf 
  • Answer your questions and provide you personalized advice about your case

We will be there for you every step of the way. 

What to Look for in a Carmel Car Accident Lawyer

While you probably understand the value of hiring a Carmel car accident lawyer, you might be unsure of what you should look for in one. They are not all the same. At Fountain Law Firm, P.C., we offer a free, no-obligation consultation you can take advantage of to learn how we can help and what it would feel like working with us. 

We also believe that we possess all of the characteristics you need in a Carmel car accident lawyer, including:


One of the most important attributes to look for in a car accident lawyer is their level of experience handling car accident claims and handling the type of claim that is most like yours. A lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience likely has more understanding of the nuances of personal injury laws and negotiating with insurance companies than someone fresh out of law school.

A Track Record of Success

You will want to work with a car accident lawyer who has a track record of success. During your free case review, you can ask about our lawyer’s experience.   

A Willingness to Litigate 

If you are unable to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company, your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit to pursue compensation. In order for the insurance company to reconsider their offer, the Court may need to be involved.

Strong Client Reviews

Client testimonials are an important way that you can get a firsthand look into what other people’s experiences have been with the lawyer. 


In the end, you will be working closely with a Carmel car accident lawyer until your case is resolved. You ultimately want to work with someone you feel cares about you and with whom you forge a personal relationship. 

Merry Fountain has a unique experience that makes her different to work with than many other lawyers. She was injured in a car accident before she became an attorney. She suffered a broken hand, neck pain, and facial scarring. She knows firsthand what you are going through because she went through the same thing. 

In fact, it was this experience that motivated her to go to law school and become a personal injury lawyer. It is her life’s mission to help protect the rights of personal injury victims. She cares about her clients and will work tirelessly to help them in every way she can.  


What Is the Average Carmel Car Accident Settlement Amount?

The potential compensation you can recover after a Carmel, IN car accident case depends on the specific circumstances of your case. There is no average amount because every case is different. Various factors may affect the eventual settlement you receive, including:

  • Whether you are represented by legal counsel and by whom
  • The nature, type, and severity of the injury you suffered
  • The economic and non-economic damages you suffered
  • How the accident has affected your life, earning ability, and relationships with others
  • The insurance available for your claim
  • Whether you contributed to the accident
  • The number and identity of the defendants 

An experienced car accident lawyer can give you an estimate of your case after you have completed your medical treatment and all the above factors are known.

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

The sooner, the better. Evidence like electronic data recorder information, debris on the roadway, or surveillance footage can get lost or deleted after an accident, so you will want to be able to preserve as much evidence as possible. A lawyer can take immediate steps to preserve evidence. 

Some people worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer, but, Merry Fountain at Fountain Law Firm, P.C., works on a contingency-fee-basis. This means you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You only pay when you receive your settlement. There’s no risk or cost to speaking to a lawyer about your case now so you can learn about your legal rights and options.

What If I’m Partially to Blame for the Accident?

If you believe that you are partially to blame, it is very important to talk to an attorney before giving a statement to the other driver’s insurance company.  First, keep in mind that there may be factors involved in the accident that you’re unaware of, such as the other driver could have been drunk or drinking and driving. Let an experienced car accident lawyer investigate your case and do not admit fault. 

If you are found to be partially at fault, Indiana’s comparative fault law still allows you to seek compensation for your injuries as long as you were not more at fault than the other driver.  However, your compensation is reduced by your degree of fault, so if you are found 10% at fault for the accident, your damages are reduced by 10%. 

How Long Does a Car Accident Case Take?

How long a car accident case may take to resolve also depends on the specific circumstances of your case. If you suffered a relatively minor injury, liability is clear, and the insurance company accepts responsibility, your case may not take long to resolve. However, if you suffered a severe injury, need to reach maximum medical improvement, or the insurance company is disputing liability, your case may take longer. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you expedite your case while also looking after your long-term objectives.

What Is the Deadline to File My Case?

In Indiana, the general statute of limitations to file a claim after a car accident is two years from the date of the accident. This is different for children. If the applicable deadline passes and you have not filed a lawsuit, the court can dismiss your case, and you will have lost your opportunity to pursue compensation against the at-fault party in court. 

Contact a Compassionate Carmel Car Accident Lawyer for Help Today 

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