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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer
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Indianapolis Personal Injury Law

A Personal Approach

The biggest thing with Merry is that she approaches your case from a personal level, and you don’t get the sense that you’re “just another number”…she takes the time to work with you on Saturdays or any day…I was highly satisfied. I would recommend her to anyone. I was very very happy. She truly fights to meet your expectations! – Brandon R.

Merry is a Very Good Attorney

Merry is a very good attorney. She gets back with you right away when you call. I definitely feel you can count on Merry. This is the 2nd time I had called on her to represent me, and I have no complaints. If I ever need her services in the future, I am confident she will be there for me. – Terri A.

My Family Found Merry Fountain

I was in a car accident and couldn’t really make decisions on my own the first weeks but somehow my family found Merry Fountain. .. .. She knew all the ins and outs.   . . . She kept me informed every step of the way. She visited me in the hospital and in the rehab center and then in my home 30 miles outside of town. I don’t know what else to say except that she is everything you could ask for in a personal injury lawyer. You won’t be sorry! – Kristy B.

Did a fine job!

Merry did a fine job! She kept me up to date, and made sure everything was going good along the way. I was surprised and very happy with the outcome. The whole process really didn’t take that long. It was a good move and I’m glad I chose Merry, and I would certainly use her services again. – Cliff F.

Went Above and Beyond For Me!

“Nothing but positive things to say about Merry! She truly went above and beyond for me. As my attorney for my injury case, she stood her ground and fought for me. Her firm kept in consistent contact with me, and called even when there weren’t updates, to check in and let me know they hadn’t forgotten about me. Kimberlyn, her assistant, is very sweet and very on it!…thanks Merry!” – Shelly T.

Understanding and Compassionate Attorney

“She really listened to me and she was understanding and compassionate. I would definitely recommend her.” – Graham S.

Very Good Attorney

“Merry is a very good attorney. She is very knowledgable, and takes the time to explain things. She gets back to you promptly, and is very accessible. I really enjoy her working for me.” – P. Steele

Very Easy To Work With

“Merry was personal and very easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.” -Yvette

A Hands on Lawyer

“Merry is an hands on lawyer with her clients, you’re not just a case you’re a person that she’s trying to help and that she cares about. Thanks Merry” — Willis

Always Reachable…

“Ms. Fountain took my case and kept me informed the whole way. She answered any questions I had, and was always reachable . . . I definitely recommend Merry Fountain to ANYONE who needs someone to fight for them!” — Bryan H

Pleasant To Work With…

“I retained Ms. Fountain to assist me in a personal injury case resulting from an auto accident. She was so pleasant to work with. Ms Fountain kept me informed every step of the way. She responded almost immediately every time I contacted her. She gave me her cell phone number and encouraged me to call her any time. Ms. Fountain is very knowledgeable about the procedures involved concerning medical expenses paid by private insurance and Medicare. She obtained a fair settlement for me. I hope that my future will not include being hit by a truck while visiting Indiana ever again, but if I should ever have the need, I will not hesitate to engage Merry Fountain as my attorney.” — Sue

The Indianapolis Attorney!

“Merry always got back to me when I called and asked questions about the case. I was always involved, every step of the way. It was just all-in-all really good communication between us.” – Joshua B.

The Right Attorney For Us

“My son was injured in a collision. Merry always returned my phone calls and . . . she was there for me and my son and I was always confident that she was the right attorney for us.” – Sherry F.

Walked Us Through The Process

“Merry is excellent in getting back with you and returning phone calls. . . She walked us through the process step-by-step. My husband and I were both very pleased…definitely recommend Merry.” – Cheryl B.

Amazing Work Performance

“She made it more convenient for me, the client. I was pleased with her work performance. There was a lot about the legal matter that I didn’t understand and Merry walked me through it.” – Bobby Y.

Knows What She’s Doing

“She did a good job for us! She knows what she’s doing. We’re happy!” – George S.

An Attorney and a Friend

“My husband and I were involved in an auto accident where the other driver was at fault. She was excellent to work with and she made you aware of any changes or updates. We think of her as a friend as an attorney. She knows her stuff!”  — Jennifer and Quentin K.

Sympathetic and Understanding Attorney

“I was injured in an auto accident and received multiple and permanent injuries. Merry was very sympathetic to what was going on with me and helped me by simply listening and understanding. She called periodically to check on my case. We filed suit. Merry Fountain was very professional, caring and worked diligently on my case. I would recommend her and her firm to everyone who is injured in an accident. Thank you again Merry for everything.” – Teresa S.

Involved and Aggressive

“I was injured in a collision with a semi. Merry Fountain represented me and was always available to lead me in the right direction in regard to issues related to my personal injury claim. She did not delegate questions about legal matters or medical treatment to anyone else and would meet with me personally at my convenience if necessary. She was always very involved and aggressive in her representation. She would return all my calls. I would recommend Merry Fountain to anyone else who needed a personal injury attorney.”  — Kevin S.

Very Pleased With Her Representation

“A semi hit me and I needed surgery. Merry Fountain represented me. She advocated aggressively for me and always was concerned and returned all my calls. I was very pleased with her representation.” 
— Wanda W.
*These references aren't intended to create a particular expectation about this law firm. They are former clients willing to provide insight into their experience with the Fountain Law Firm.
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