Indiana Bicycle Accident Injuries

June 12, 2013 | Blog

bike injury As warmer weather approaches, you can be certain that you will see more and more people riding bicycles on our public roads. While bicycle riding can be excellent exercise and an efficient way to get from place to place, bicycling can also pose serious risks. According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 500,000 people are treated in emergency departments for bicycle-related injuries each year. In addition, more than 700 people per year are fatally injured in bicycle accidents.  Anyone injured in a bicycle accident should contact an Indiana bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible for a free case review. When people sustain injuries that are due to another’s negligence, they may be able to recover compensation with the help of an Indiana personal injury lawyer.  Attorney Merry Fountain is dedicated to helping people injured in bicycle accidents recover, and strives to obtain the highest possible settlement for each client she represents.

When bicycle accidents occur, it is normally the bicyclist who suffers the most significant injuries. This is due to the high speeds a rider can achieve on a bicycle and the lack of protection afforded to a rider by his bike. Fortunately for bicyclists, there are several steps a person can take to reduce the risk of being involved in a bicycle accident.

Bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries to the people involved, and in some cases may even be fatal. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover damages for any medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, or property damage you sustained, as well as other forms of damages. In order to determine whether you have a legal claim, you should consult with an Indiana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible

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