Riding With Uber

January 19, 2016 | Blog

As Uber and other rideshare companies gain popularity in Indianapolis and many other cities, traditional taxis are more and more taking on the perception of being more expensive and less pleasant to ride in. Like traditional taxi companies, these services does not own or control every vehicle or driver who picks up passengers. Service drivers are more like independent contractors who, with the help of their service’s associated mobile app, pick up and drop off customers at the requested destinations.

If you have experienced an accident with one of these service’s vehicle – either as a passenger of a ride, or in another vehicle involved in the collision — you would seek counsel in the same way you would in any car accident. Hiring a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is always important, but it is even more necessary when the accident involves one of the popular rideshare services because their legal policies are still new and can be difficult to understand. For example, Uber states that it provides $1,000,000 per accident in insurance coverage, but the amount available to passengers can vary depending on many different factors. Also, it is still unclear based on their policy whether the company is legally responsible, or liable, for the actions of its drivers. This means that only a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with experience in car accident lawsuits will know how to proceed.