Risk Factors for Involvement in a Pedestrian Accident

February 7, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents


Risk Factors for Involvement in a Pedestrian Accident

In a metropolitan area like Indianapolis, walking anywhere puts you at risk of a pedestrian accident. Not surprisingly, when pedestrians are involved in accidents with motor vehicles like cars and trucks, it’s typically the pedestrians who are seriously injured. Under Indiana law, when people are hurt in accidents caused by driver negligence, they can typically recover compensation for their losses, so those hurt in pedestrian accidents should call a lawyer immediately to determine whether they have claims.

Below are factors that can put certain people at a higher risk of a pedestrian accident than others. For more information, call attorney Merry Fountain today to schedule a free case evaluation.


Younger people, especially children, are at a significantly increased risk of a pedestrian accident than older adults. Children tend to be less able than adults to perceive risk, they lack experience with traffic patterns, they are smaller and more difficult for drivers to spot, and they can behave in unpredictable ways. Fortunately, as parents, teaching your children about pedestrian safety can significantly reduce their accident risks.

Walking at Night

Not surprisingly, walking at night increases your risk of a pedestrian accident. You can make it safer to walk at night by:

  • Carrying a flashlight
  • Wearing brightly colored or retroreflective clothing
  • Always walking on the sidewalk
  • If there is no sidewalk, walking against the flow of traffic
  • Only crossing the street at intersections or at marked crosswalks

The Use of Alcohol or Drugs

While we constantly hear about the dangers of drunk or drugged driving, pedestrians must recognize that that walking around traffic while drunk or under the influence of drugs can significantly increase their risk of a collision with vehicles. Drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment, balance, reaction time, and vision, all of which you need to walk around traffic safely.

What to Do if You Are in a Pedestrian Accident?

Unfortunately, accidents take place even under the best of circumstances, and there is no way to completely eliminate your pedestrian accident risk unless you never leave your house. If you are in an accident, obtain emergency medical treatment if necessary, and be sure to undergo a thorough medical evaluation as soon as you can. In addition, do not provide a recorded medical statement to the insurance company and keep in mind that the things that you post on social media could hurt your ability to recover compensation. Finally, be sure to retain an attorney as soon as you can.

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