100 Deadliest Days for Indianapolis Teen Drivers

June 23, 2016 | Car Accidents

For many Americans, Memorial Day weekend was the official kickoff of summer. Starting Memorial Day weekend up until Labor Day, road traffic amps up as families and individuals hit the road for summer vacation. Inexperienced teen drivers are also out of school and driving around with their friends, loud music, and cell phones. According to the National Safety Council[1], the dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the 100 deadliest days for teen motorists[2], a time period that includes seven of the ten deadliest driving days every year. In fact, in 2012, in the months of June, July and August, there were approximately 10,000 fatal traffic collisions.

What is it about these weeks that makes them so dangerous?

One of the most obvious is the larger number of vehicles on the road, and the longer distances many drivers are traveling. Summer is the time when vacations are common, and Marion County residents are on the move. In 2013, Americans logged over 780 billion miles on their vehicles during these 100 days. That’s a lot of driving and with a lot of driving comes more opportunities for auto crashes including drivers who consume alcohol during summertime parties and family gatherings.

Indianapolis Teen Drivers

Indiana State Police and AAA[3] are sending a message to parents and teen drivers about staying safe on the roads during summer months. Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine says that Indianapolis teens “travel with less of a purpose, so when they’re just out joyriding with their group of friends, maybe going to the movie or parks or whatever they’re doing, it’s easy to get distracted.” Indiana State Police recommend that teens limit the amount of friends that are in the vehicle in order to limit distractions.

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