Arrive Alive: Don’t Text and Drive

August 1, 2017 | Car Accidents


You’ve heard it repeatedly: Don’t text and drive! Texting while driving, however, appears to be on the rise. Many states, including Indiana, are addressing this important safety issue legislatively.

Indiana Law

In accordance with Indiana Code 9-21-8-59, you may not type, read, or transmit a text message or electronic mail message while your vehicle is in motion unless using a hands-free device.

Being Smart about Smartphones


Texting, of course, isn’t the only culprit. Smartphones allow you to perform multiple tasks while driving, and all of them contribute to distracted driving. Whether you’re sending or reading an email, text, or social media post; making or taking a call; or perusing the web, you’re taking your eyes and your mind off the road, which makes it more likely that you’ll be involved in a car accident. When you’re driving while distracted by your smartphone, you’re more likely to ignore a red light or stop sign, to not recognize that the car ahead of you is braking, or to miss other important warning signs.

Texting Stats


You know that texting and driving don’t mix, but educate yourself about just how dangerous it can be. shares several startling statistics:

  • When you text while driving, your attention is distracted for a minimum of five seconds.
  • If you’re traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour while texting, you’ll drive the length of a football field with your eyes off the road.
  • You are 23 times more likely to crash if you are texting while driving.
  • You are nearly three times more likely to crash if you are dialing your phone while driving.
  • You are about 30 percent more likely to crash if you’re talking on your phone while driving.
  • Teens who text while driving spend about ten percent of their driving time outside of their lane.

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