Causes of Head-on Crashes

September 13, 2016 | Brain and Spinal Injury

Head-on collisions are some of the most frightening accidents that can occur and these crashes can often cause the most devastating injuries to motorists. When the front of one car hits the front of another vehicle, chances are that both vehicles were traveling at the time, which can result in severe damage and injury. The following are some examples of negligence that lead to head-on crashes.

Drunk Driving – Drunk drivers are notorious for traveling the wrong way on the highway or on a one-way road. This commonly results in crashes, especially if other motorists do not have the chance to get out of the way or stop before a crash. In addition, drivers who are operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI)1 commonly swerve out of their lanes and can cause a head-on crash if the cross the center double line.

Distracted Driving – Drivers are also known to depart from their lane if they are looking down at their smartphones or are otherwise distracted and looking away from the road. Often, a distracted driver will not realize that they have crossed into oncoming traffic until it is too late.

Fatigued Driving – If a driver is fatigued, they can lose focus on the road or can completely fall asleep at the wheel. When someone falls asleep, they usually turn the wheel significantly without their knowledge and can easily cross into the path of oncoming drivers.

Road Defects – Another common reason that a driver may depart their lane is that they suddenly hit a hazard in the roadway. Potholes, uneven lanes, large cracks, objects on the road, or other dangerous conditions can cause a driver to suddenly swerve to avoid the hazard, often into a neighboring lane. If they do hit the hazard, they can suffer a tire blowout and can lose control of the car, sending them into oncoming traffic.

Rural Roads – According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),2 head-on collisions are more common on rural roads than in urban areas. This is often because rural roads have many curves and hills with high-speed limits and also due to the propensity for passing on two-lane roads in rural areas.

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