Common Accidents in Hotels

December 6, 2016 | Personal Injury,Slip and Fall Accidents

Around this time of year, many families are booking vacations and are looking forward to getting out of town for the holidays. Unfortunately, some families find their trips affected by an unexpected injury at the hotel where they are staying. Like any other business, a hotel has the duty to ensure the premises are in a safe condition to avoid accidents and injuries. When a hotel fails to inspect and maintain the premises and injury occurs, any injured victims often have the right to hold the hotel liable for their losses. The following are only some examples of the many ways injuries can happen during your hotel stay.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Hotels have many areas and amenities, including the lobby, restaurants, a pool area, exercise rooms, game rooms, guest rooms, and more. Sometimes, hotel management will not adequately inspect every area of the hotel to ensure there are no dangerous hazards. If a potentially dangerous hazard causes a slip and fall and it should have been discovered or repaired, the hotel can be held responsible for its negligence.

Pool and Spa Accidents

Visiting the hotel pool area is a favorite activity for families and especially for children. However, there are many hazardous conditions that can exist in and around a pool or spa that can lead to severe head injuries or even fatal drowning. Any hotel with a pool or spa must ensure it complies with all applicable regulations and regularly inspects and maintains the pool for possible hazards. The hotel should also post any applicable warnings, as well as having clear depth markers and rules for the pool area.

Hotel Drivers

If you do not have your car on vacation, you may decide to use hotel transportation to get around town. However, any time you get in a car with someone else, you are at risk for a crash and injuries. Who may be held liable for an accident involving hotel transportation will depend on whether the crash was caused by the hotel driver or by a third party driver.

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