Even the Safest Drivers Can Get Hit by Truckers

November 6, 2017 | truck accident

It’s a fact of modern driving that we share the road with massive semi-trucks, and these semis are not only many times heavier than the vehicles we drive, but are also far more unwieldy. Semis are dangerous, and when they’re involved in accidents, those accidents are some of the deadliest on our roads.

Even the safest drivers among us aren’t exempt from the dangers posed by these metal giants. Indiana being the “Crossroads of America” and a warehouse/logistics hub, trucks will share the roads with us for a long time to come. Educate yourself about sharing the road safely with semis and box trucks —and stay safe out there.

Stopping Distances

While easily maneuverable cars can stop in a couple hundred feet on the interstate big rigs—due to their size and weight—need much more distance to come to safe stops. When driving conditions aren’t ideal, this distance increases dramatically. When you pass or travel in front of a commercial truck, allow plenty of distance between your vehicle and that big rig.

Yield to 18-Wheelers

Because they are so massive and unwieldy, tractor trailers have much less fine-tuned maneuverability than cars do. An 18-wheeler can’t and shouldn’t squeeze into a tight space on the road or take a tight turn; they need room to safely move in and out of traffic.

It’s always in your best safety interest to yield to larger vehicles on the road. Instead of trying to speed around them, allow a semi to do what it needs to do and settle back into its driving lane before you pull ahead of it. Be doubly cautious when a semi-truck makes a wide right turn or when turning left alongside a big truck.

That Trucker May Not See You

Truckers are positioned much higher off the road than you are, and while many believe this is a great vantage point, truckers experience significant blind spots around their truck bodies and trailers. These are often referred to as no zones and are:

  • Directly behind the trailer
  • Directly in front of the cab
  • On both sides of the cab

In general, the truck’s right side is significantly more dangerous than its left, and you should never attempt to pass a big rig on the right. Spend as little time as possible in a semi’s blind spots, and when you pass, ensure that you can see the entire semi in your rearview mirror before safely merging back into the truck’s lane.

Remember that semis also obscure your vision; they can make it impossible to see what’s up ahead. Hold back before speeding into the unknown.

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