Facial Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

December 12, 2017 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to injury if they are involved in a crash. Their bodies often have little more than thin clothing to protect them—and it usually doesn’t protect much. One common piece of safety equipment that bicyclists rely upon is a helmet. Bicyclists wear helmets to protect their heads, neck, and face should an impact occur. However, a bicyclist should never have a false sense of security when it comes to wearing a helmet, as even federally-approved helmets only prevent injuries a certain percentage of the time.

Common Bike Accident Injuries

In many crashes, a bicyclist may go flying forward from her bike, either landing face-first on the ground or on another vehicle. There is usually very little a bicyclist can do to avoid injuries to her face and head in this situation, as the impact is often too sudden or severe for her to break the fall with her arms. For this reason, many bicyclists can sustain the following injuries:

  • Broken jawbone – If you break your jaw, you will require immediate medical attention. Doctors may wire or bandage your jaw in one place for weeks while you heal, which can make speaking and eating challenging. You may have to be on a liquid diet.
  • Broken nose – Broken noses can be painful and disfigure your face if not properly treated. You may require a splint or even surgery to ensure your nose is properly aligned and to alleviate any possible breathing complications.
  • Broken cheekbones – The cheekbones are delicate and can easily fracture when subjected to any direct trauma. Bone fragments can separate from a fractured cheekbone, requiring surgery to repair the bone. Cheekbones often do not heal correctly and can cause cosmetic changes in your face.
  • Dental injuries – Bicyclists can often break teeth or completely knock teeth out. Dental repairs can be extremely expensive, especially if you require implants or veneers to repair your smile.
  • Skull fractures – If a bicyclist is not wearing a helmet, he can easily fracture his skull when he hits his head on anything. Sometimes, skull fractures in the forehead can occur even when wearing a helmet. When the skull fractures, the bone can be depressed or fragment, often damaging the brain tissue. This can result in a traumatic brain injury.

Any of the above injuries can result in extensive medical expenses and can change your life for an extended period of time. After a crash, once you have been properly treated for your injuries, you should always discuss the possibility of seeking compensation for your losses with a skilled Indianapolis bicycle accident lawyer.

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