Increase in Pedestrian Deaths in the U.S.

May 16, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents

Each year, the government gathers information and releases statistics regarding traffic accidents and resulting fatalities. In 2016, one figure was shocking: Pedestrian deaths had increased by about 11 percent. The number of people who walked places did not increase nearly that much, so researchers sought another explanation for this sharp increase in pedestrian deaths. One possible explanation is the greater number of people who are distracted both when they are driving and when they are walking.

It is no secret that smartphones and other mobile electronic devices have significantly increased the overall distraction of people in the United States. These devices can cause difficulty in our relationships, change our sleep habits and attention spans, and create the need to be constantly connected. It is important to realize that electronic devices can also cause safety risks.

It can be tempting to check your emails, texts, or social media accounts while you are walking to your destination or behind the wheel. However, the statistics prove that this type of behavior not only puts people in harm’s way but often ends a life. Most people believe that this type of accident will never happen to them – until it is too late.

Pedestrians have no protection from a vehicle in a collision, and for this reason, the injuries sustained are often extremely serious. Victims of pedestrian accidents often require extensive medical care and must miss work while they recover. Some injuries, such as a spinal cord injury, can cause lasting and permanent disabilities.

While reading or sending a text or email may seem urgent, it is not more important than someone’s life. Every distracted driver who causes injuries to a pedestrian should be held fully accountable for his or her negligent actions. Proving that a driver was distracted can be difficult, but a skilled personal injury lawyer will understand how to gather evidence to support your claims and obtain the compensation you deserve from the distracted driver. Whether you are seeking recovery through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, you should always have the highest quality of legal representation.

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