Indiana Driving – Intersection Accidents

November 16, 2015 | Car Accidents

Continuing our series on driving in Indiana, let’s explore one of the most common situations we come across while driving: intersections.

Some native Hoosiers will never know how lucky we are when it comes to traffic. Sitting in stop and go traffic on Highway 465 every morning can seem like pure torture. However, compared to other large US cities, Indianapolis didn’t even make it on the top 10 list for worst traffic. In fact, Indianapolis is among the cities listed to have the lightest traffic. This, unfortunately does not mean there are not as many accidents in the metro area. While accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, busy intersections, during commute times are among the worst when it comes to car accidents in the city. A few things that can typically cause intersection accidents are: distracted drivers, running of red lights, making turns without being sure there is not another car coming, or just careless and reckless driving.

Here is a list of intersections that tend to be most dangerous in the Indianapolis area:


  • Albany Street and Madison Avenue
  • Rockville Road and Girls School Road
  • 82nd Street and Allisonville Road
  • Fall Creek Parkway North Drive and East 38th Street
  • Raymond Street and Shelby Street
  • Emerson Avenue and Southport Road
  • 86th Street and Michigan Road
  • 86th Street and Ditch Road
  • Stop 11 Road and Madison Avenue
  • I-65 and I-70 downtown
  • 38th Street and Lafayette Road

Beech Grove Police Department

  • Emerson Avenue and I-465
  • Emerson Avenue and Thompson Road
  • Emerson Avenue and Main Street

The bottom line: always be 100% alert and attentive when driving, especially approaching an intersection. Do not text and drive…it can wait! Stay alert, and avoid injury.