Indiana Driving – Keeping Teens (and everyone else) Safe

December 17, 2015 | Blog

As I’m sure you’re aware, states have differing laws regarding the use of cell phones and other devices while driving. I think we can all agree that even if you’re in a state that doesn’t explicitly make it illegal to use a cellphone while driving in any way, it is common sense to NEVER text while driving.

Let’s take a look at what Indiana has to say on this topic, and what you can expect from law enforcement while driving around Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

From Chapter One of the Indiana Driver’s Manual regarding leaner’s permits and probationary licenses:

“If you have a probationary driver’s license, you may not operate a motor vehicle while using a telecommunications device, such as a cell phone, unless the device is being used to make a 911 emergency call.”

From Chapter Five, regarding all drivers:

“A person may not use a telecommunications device to type, transmit or read a text message or an electronic mail message while operating a moving motor vehicle unless the device is used in conjunction with hands-free or voice-operated technology, or unless the device is used to call 911 to report a bona fi de emergency.”

Most recently, a new law took effect in the State of Indiana on July 1, 2015 regarding drivers under the age of 21. From Wish TV on June 30th (

“Teens, put away the cell phones when you’re behind the wheel. This isn’t driving advice, starting Wednesday [July 1, 2015], it’s the law.

It’s a law meant to save lives. The law is aimed at young drivers, those younger than 21 years old. According,crashes still make up the leading cause of death in teens and crash risk is four times higher when drivers use cell phones, includinghands free devices.

The new law bans any sort of telecommunication device; cell phones and blue tooth included. The only exception is for 911 calls.”

The bottom line: Never text and drive. If you’re under 21, never use your cellphone. Adhering to common sense and following the law can only help in preventing accidents and injury. Let’s helpeveryonestay alert, stay alive!