May 19, 2016 | Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs can be “man’s best friend.” They are amazing listeners and loyal to the bone, but there are times when a dog can also become very dangerous. Nearly five million Americans suffer dog bites every year, and, on average, one out of every six of these dog bites is severe enough for the victim to seek medical care for their bite.
When someone is bitten by a dog, the owner of the dog that inflicted the injury can potentially face liability. Even if the dog had not bitten a person in the past, the owner will be liable if the owner fails to exercise effective control of the dog in a situation where it would reasonably be expected that an injury could occur.
If you or your child is injured by a dog bite:
1) Seek immediate medical attention- a dog’s mouth can contain large amounts of dangerous bacteria and there could be the risk of infection.
2) Try to isolate the dog that inflicted the injury and attempt to locate the dog’s owner as soon as possible.
3) Report the bite at once to preserve evidence of the injury and also document the injuries with photos.
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