Pedestrian Risks in the Fall Season

October 31, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents


Walking near traffic is always risky though often necessary. While you may consider the basic dangers of being a pedestrian, you may not consciously realize that pedestrians can be at higher risk of collisions in the later months of the year. As we enjoy the fall colors and crisp weather, we should also be taking care whenever we are walking outside by roadways. The following are only a few reasons why pedestrian risks may increase in the fall season.

Shorter Days

As we approach the end of the year, the sun rises later and sets earlier, often causing many people to make their commutes in the dark. Darkness makes it significantly more difficult to see pedestrians, especially if they are not walking crosswalks or on sidewalks. Anyone walking along the street in the dark should ensure to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing and to carry a flashlight whenever possible to increase visibility.

Walking to School

There are a greater number of pedestrians during the fall than during summer because of many children walking to school on a daily basis. When the number of young pedestrians increases in a certain area due to school, drivers should be aware and should take extra caution to avoid collisions. Drivers should also understand the unpredictable nature of children, should be especially careful around crosswalks or bus stops, and should take reasonable care to avoid injuries to any pedestrians.


In addition to children walking to school, the number of young pedestrians often skyrockets on the evening of Halloween. Children set out in their costumes to collect candy from various houses, often in groups. Residential areas can be darker with fewer streetlights and drivers should expect to take additional care not to hit any trick-or-treaters. The risks for pedestrians also increases on holidays like Halloween because many people celebrate the holiday by indulging in alcoholic beverages, which can lead to an increase in illegally intoxicated drivers.1 With the combination of more pedestrians and more drunk drivers, it should be no surprise that children are twice as likely to be injured or killed on this holiday

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