Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

December 24, 2015 | Car Accidents

Every season carries along risks when it comes to traffic-related accidents, but it is winter weather that can bring with it some of the worst conditions for driving on Indiana roads. Our entire state can experience harsh conditions as the colder months approach, and if you haven’t noticed…those months are here!

Here at Fountain Injury Law we always hope for mild winters, as do many who live and work around Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, and Westfield. Some parts of Indiana struggle even more when winter road conditions appear. South of Indy, Brown county’s rolling hills and curvy highways can present motorists with even more winter driving challenges.

When fall begins to wane and winter starts to appear, drivers should always consider the change of weather as a warning to alter their mindset when it comes to traveling our roadways. Not only can traffic collisions occur more easily in wet and slippery winter conditions, but dusk comes much earlier than other times of the year. In bad weather, as conditions deteriorate, drivers of passenger sedans, family minivans and sport utility vehicles must watch out for the less maneuverable and more massive commercial trucks they share the road with.

Especially during inclement weather, the legal staff at Fountain Law Firm have a heightened awareness of the hazards that motorists face all around the state. And, while we understand that every mode of transportation presents its own set of risks, those people who travel in smaller, lighter-weight vehicles can end up facing the greatest danger.

Parents will have even more on their mind while taking to the snowy winter streets, as having children in the car can really put travel safety into prospective: driving in the wintertime is dangerous and requires a heightened awareness of others, as well as a more acute application of defensive driving.

Until next time…keep it safe!