Seat Belts, Pregnancy, and Car Injuries

March 28, 2018 | Car Accidents

Women and men are built differently. They often have different size, stature, musculature, and even postures when sitting. For these reasons, seat belts can fit men and women differently. While seat belts are meant to protect you in the event of an accident, they can also cause serious injuries in a crash. Furthermore, research shows that, due to their differences, women who buckle in are 47 percent more likely to suffer severe injuries than men in similar crashes who also wear seat belts.

Not only do women, in general, have to worry about seat belt injuries, but pregnant women should have serious concerns about this issue—for both themselves and for their unborn children. In fact, studies show that motor vehicle accidents cause 82 percent of fetal deaths stemming from maternal injuries. This is true even if mothers wear seat belts—as discussed above, the potential for severe injuries exist even from the seat belt.

Effects on Pregnant Women Injured in Accidents

Pregnant women may experience the following common problems after car accidents:

  • Preterm labor – The trauma of a car accident or of injuries can send a woman into premature labor, which can result in birth defects or other health complications for the child.
  • Brain injuriesWomen are at risk for brain injuries in car accidents, and so are unborn babies. An unborn baby that violently shakes around due to an impact can suffer brain damage similar to that caused by shaken baby syndrome.
  • Placental abruption – If a woman suffers trauma to her abdomen due to a seat belt or another car part in an automobile accident, the placenta may separate from the uterus. Placental abruption can deprive the baby of nutrients or oxygen and often leads to preterm delivery.
  • Fetal trauma – When a mother sustains abdominal trauma, or when injuries deprive her of oxygen, her unborn child can suffer serious physical injuries. Brain injuries, broken or torn limbs, spinal injuries, and more can all damage a baby’s future.
  • Miscarriage – In rare cases, a mother’s injuries may cause the loss of her pregnancy. This can happen if injuries lead to cardiac arrest, complete lack of oxygen, the piercing of the abdomen, and other serious circumstances.

A pregnant woman should always seek medical help immediately when she is in a car accident—and discuss any injuries to you and your child with an experienced car accident attorney who understands the devastating nature of injuries during pregnancy.

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