Spider Accident!

October 1, 2015 | Blog

We can all relate to the fact that spiders are not the most exciting of bugs. This woman takes it to the extreme when she jumps out of a moving vehicle because she spots a spider inside. This is a funny video to watch, until someone ends up injured. Questions that should be raised are what if there were children in the car, what if the car hit another vehicle etc. It is very important to discuss child safety in cars. Here are a few helpful tips to keeping your children safe in a vehicle especially if a pesky little spider sneaks in:

Children under 13 should always sit in the back seats, this is because their bodies are not big enough to withstand certain factors in a car crash such as airbag deployment.

Choose a vehicle with top crash test ratings to guarantee the safest car for your kids.

Never, ever leaves kids alone in or around vehicles, children have a mind of their own and you cannot predict what they’re capable of.

Please take these tips to heart and understand the importance of child safety in vehicles, it’s our responsibility to make sure our children are safe. Now- below is the spider video for your viewing pleasure.