Teenagers and Driving

December 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

We are all very nervous when we hand the keys to a new teenage driver.  You can help your teenage understand the responsibility of driving by setting up a written contract.  Because they are just learning to drive, they are very vulnerable to distractions in the car.  More teenage driving collisions happen at night than during the day.  You should start out limiting the driving times and number of passengers, and if your teenager handles the responsibility, then expand their freedom.   These contracts will necessarily be individual, but should include the following:


-I will not text or make any other use of my phone.(including but not limited to phone calls, surfing the web, etc.)

-I will always obey the speed limit and traffic laws.

-I will always wear my seat belt and make sure everyone else does. (See video below)

-I will not drink or take drugs or have alcohol or drugs in the vehicle.

-I will always let you know where I am going and when I expect to return.

-I need to be home by _____ on week nights, and ___ on weekends.

-If I ever am in a situation where I do not feel comfortable driving, I will call you.

-I will always call you when I am on my way home.  If I change my plans, I will let you know.

-I agree to keep the vehicle clean.


-I agree to pay for car insurance.

-I agree to only drive (list specific car or cars).

-I agree to only have (x number) of passengers in my vehicle.

-I agree to pay for the maintenance of the vehicle and have service performed timely.


In Indianapolis, regarding injury law and finding a tough personal injury attorney or lawyer to fight for you, you will want to talk this over with your teenager, and have less severe repercussions for less severe infractions.  However, the consequences need to be part of the written contract.