The 10 Most Common Construction Accidents

December 22, 2015 | Construction Site Accidents,Personal Injury

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs because of the high risk for accidents among workers.  Construction sites are usually unstable by nature, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over one-quarter of construction workers have been injured on the job.  Furthermore, injuries from construction accidents often cause very serious injuries, and these accidents may even be fatal.  In fact, in 2010 alone, 774 Americans died from injuries caused by construction accidents, accounting for almost 20% of all workplace fatalities.

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Common Construction Accidents:

Though there are countless different ways a construction worker may get hurt on the job, there are a number of regularly cited types of accidents.  The top ten construction accidents are as follows:

  • Falls.  Construction workers often perform their jobs from high places such as scaffolding, rooftops, or ladders.  Falling from high places is the number one most common construction accident, causing almost 35% of construction injuries.
  • Falling Debris.  Tools, building materials, pieces of scaffolding, or other supplies can do serious damage if they fall from significant heights and land on a worker.
  • Electrocutions.  Until construction is complete, there are often exposed wires, unfinished electrical systems, and downed power lines.
  • Explosions or burns.  Even if exposed wires do not electrocute anyone, they still may spark explosions or fires.  Gas leaks can pose a similar threat, as well.
  • Slip and falls.  Construction sites often have extra materials, tools, and debris lying around over which workers could trip.  Moreover, there are often slippery surfaces that can cause slip and falls.
  • Machinery accidents.  Construction workers regularly operate large and/or dangerous machinery, such as jackhammers, cranes, bulldozers, or even smaller power tools like nail guns and drills, all of which may cause serious injury.
  • Getting trapped in between materials.  Even if materials do not fall and directly strike a worker, they can trap a worker between a wall and the material, causing broken ribs or cutting off a worker’s oxygen intake.
  • Trench or ground collapses.  Trenches and other excavations are often necessary for building sites.  However, this causes the ground and surrounding areas to be unstable and can collapse on workers who may be in or around the trench.
  • Getting hit by a vehicle.  This is a common accident on highway construction sites, when speeding or distracted drivers hit workers with their vehicles.
  • Overexertion.  Construction crews often work long hours in the elements, including extreme heat and humidity.  This can cause injury from dehydration, fainting, or even strokes.

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There are numerous risks and dangers of construction sites, and no matter how careful a worker may be, he or she may still be injured.  It is important to consult with a Indianapolis construction accident attorney whenever you are injured in an accident on the job; you may be entitled to a reimbursement above and beyond any workers’ compensation.