What Happens When Children Get Hit While Playing by the Roadway?

February 28, 2018 | Children's Injuries

In this day and age of iPads and Netflix, most parents must push to get their children to play outside for a few hours. With warmer weather coming to Indianapolis, we will surely all see children in their front yards, playing games or riding bikes. Many children play soccer, volleyball, baseball, or similar sports in their yards—and while those activities provide fun, fresh air, and exercise for them, it also presents risks.

What happens when a ball rolls into the street? Will your child remember to watch for cars? What if your child runs into the street after a ball and gets hit by a car?

Watching your children get hurt is devastating. You may rush them to the emergency room or call 911 as fast as possible, but you will likely feel helpless because you cannot relieve their pain or fix them. Attorney Merry Fountain understands how important your children are and how much it can pain you to see THEM in pain. Our office is dedicated to helping parents through the tough times after a child gets hurt.

Children can suffer many injuries after a pedestrian accident. They have no protection from an impact with a car, and therefore can suffer traumatic injuries. The following are only some injuries a child in the road hit by a car may sustain:


Many children who get hit by cars need extensive medical treatments. Doctors can hospitalize them and send them into surgeries. They may need to rest and you may need to pull them from school for a period of time, which can set them back academically. Some kids even suffer permanent injuries that hinder their abilities to play sports or excel in school in the future.

Children and parents both suffer losses when cars strike children. However, many parents do not want to put their children through the added stress of a legal case.

The right law firm can shield your child from such stress as much as possible throughout the entire process. You and your child deserve to seek justice for what happened—you just need the right lawyer to help you.

You may think that because your child was playing near the road that you have no opportunity for compensation to cover the enormous cost of the injuries that a negligent driver caused. However, drivers should pay close attention and obey speed limits so they can stop in time if a child runs out in the street. Often, children are hit by distracted or otherwise negligent drivers, and you should hold such a driver liable for all of your child’s injury-related losses.

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