Will Your Car Accident Case Settle?

December 11, 2017 | Car Accidents

The aftermath of a car accident can confuse and stress anyone, and many victims worry about how to pay for their medical expenses, repair bills, and stay afloat while they cannot work.

One question that lawyers often hear during the first meeting with a car accident victim is whether the attorney thinks that the case will settle or go to trial. While nobody can make definitive statements about a case’s ultimate resolution, some factors will make a case more or less likely to go to trial—though the vast majority of car accident cases settle out of court.

Some factors that will influence whether your case will go to trial follow below. For more information or for specific advice about your accident, contact our car accident lawyers in Indianapolis online or call our office today at (888) 242-HURT (4878).

The Strength of Your Case

One of the most important factors that will determine whether your case will go to trial is the strength of your case against the other driver, as determined by any evidence that indicates the other driver’s fault for the accident. In most cases, liability is so clear to both parties that taking the matter before a court becomes a waste of time. That said, in some instances, when the other party contests liability, you may need to prove the matter to a judge or a jury.

The Amount of Compensation at Issue (and That You Believe You Deserve)

Though nobody contests liability in most car accident cases, the insurance company will probably contest—hotly—the amount money it will pay to the victim. As a general rule, the more contested this issue, the more likely it will go to trial. Some cases, in fact, go to trial simply on an inability to agree to monetary damages.

The Many Benefits of Settlements

In most cases, all parties to a personal injury matter would rather settle than take a case to court. The benefits of a settlement include fewer expenses, more control over the outcome, privacy, and a quicker resolution to the case. Even though settlement negotiations take place out of court, however, you still want an attorney to protect your legal rights during this process. Of course, if the insurance company is not willing to settle your case for a reasonable amount, you may need to file a lawsuit to ensure full compensation for your losses.

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