BMW Develops Self-Driving Motorcycle to Study Potential Safety Features

October 17, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents,Uncategorized

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard about self-driving cars and trucks as well as “semi-autonomous” safety features like lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking systems. But what about motorcycles? Until now, manufacturers have focused on putting these advanced safety features cars and trucks—but BMW is looking to change that.

Earlier this year, after a two-year secret project, BMW Motorrad unveiled its self-driving motorcycle. The bike can start itself, accelerate, negotiate turns, and even deploy its own kickstand when it comes to a stop.

Before you get too excited, we should mention that the bike is a prototype, and BMW does not yet intend to offer it to consumers. Rather, the company developed it as a tool to create new safety systems for motorcycles that will make the experience of riding safer.

In the vehicle’s promotional video, Motorrad safety engineer Stefan Hans states that “The prototype helps us to expand our knowledge about the vehicle’s dynamics so that we can classify the rider’s behavior and determine if a future situation will become dangerous or not. If so, we can inform, warn or intervene directly.”

The goal of the project is to create a motorcycle with systems that will support inattentive drivers in dangerous situations, similar to the safety systems already found in today’s cars.


Motorcycle Accidents Often Leave Victims With Extremely Serious Injuries

That a major manufacturer is looking into safety features for motorcycles is cause for optimism, because thousands of motorcyclists are seriously injured every year. Motorcyclists are undoubtedly the most vulnerable motorists on the road, as they have none of the protections offered by a car or truck, like seatbelts or airbags. When they are in accidents, motorcyclists are often thrown from their bikes and slammed into the ground or the vehicles around them. Motorcycle accident victims often sustain extremely serious injuries, including:


These and many other common motorcycle accident injuries have the potential to leave victims with long-term medical issues, some of which could substantially harm their quality of life or ability to earn a living.

Victims should protect their legal rights, starting with retaining an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The representation of a lawyer will ensure that the insurance company does not violate your legal rights and that you obtain any and all compensation Indiana law entitles you to.


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